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Our AMRC Off Road Side by Side Repair Can Get Your UTV Repaired Fast  

Having an accident in your UTV is a terrible ordeal, and you’re probably not immediately thinking of where you’ll have to bring your UTV for the repairs it needs, but it’s smart to consider that before an accident occurs. Well, if you’re around the middle of the USA, there are several reasons that you should bring your vehicle to AMRC Off Road in Washington, MO. We have the highest quality repair tools and technicians that have received the highest level of training, which combine to make the repairs of your side by side both speedy and thorough. UTV owners from far and wide will find even more reasons to trust our UTV repair center when they read below!

Why Bring Your Side by Side to our UTV Repair Center?

There are many collision centers around the midwest for Side by Side owners to consider for their vehicle repair needs, but few can match our mix of equipment, value, and quality of work. AMRC Off Road is not a guy working out of his garage.  We are a 10,000 square foot state of the art repair center.  Located near St. Louis, MO, our customers also find that our UTV repair center is easy to get to and that our friendly atmosphere gives them a side by side repair shop they can trust.

UTV Insurance Repair Center


Side by Side Service Center

As UTV’s get more high-tech, the tools for repairing them need to keep up, and we have the newest and best equipment as well as mechanics that know how to use them.  UTV’s also now use a wide variety of metals, which may get damaged in an accident, but we have the highest quality welding technologies and professionals to make sure your side by side is safe.  Need a paint job?  We have a full paint booth and offer powder coating as well.

We Work with Your UTV Insurance Provider

A UTV accident is stressful not only because of the potential for injury but also because of all the work you have to deal with regarding insurance. Well, we work with all major insurance companies (All-State, Progressive, Geico, State Auto, Safe Auto, Indian, Grange, Westfield, Western Reserve, etc.). Our relationships with these insurance providers and companies mean that drivers have fewer hassles getting their UTV fixed up and back to them, which is what you deserve when involved in an accident.

A Friendly, Pressure-Free Atmosphere

We take pride in our work and believe that we can get your side by side back in tip-top shape.  Getting in an accident is stressful, but getting your side by side repaired doesn’t have to be. Honesty and respect for our customers show our commitment to the community that our staff lives and participates in, and we think it’s a major reason why so many UTV owners trust us.

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