AMRC Off Road Custom SxS

Who Are We?

AMRC Off Road is a division of Andy McCoy Race Cars.  We have been building fire breathing 3000 horsepower drag cars for a quarter century.

So you could say we know a thing or two about building a chassis that is extremely strong and most of all safe.

We have taken our expertise of high end chassis building and applied that same technology to the off road industry.

If we can safely strap a driver into a car that reaches speeds of 200 mph rest assured we will do the same for you and your side by side.

SxS fabrication

AMRC Off Road is a full service UTV fabrication shop.  We TIG weld and fabricate everything in house and to the highest standards.  Our shop is over 10,000 square feet and fully equiped with the all the fabrication equipment needed to do the job right

Side By Side Welding

How can we customize your SxS?